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Terms Of Use

The assignment paper as provided by acmeessay.com facility is a model paper and it mustn’t be Submitted because it is, they must be used just for reference purposes.

The assignment solutions as provided by Acme assignment facilitate are subjected to revisions solely until seven days of the assignment submitted to you. this suggests that you simply will enkindle free revisions at intervals 7 days of assignments submitted to you, and this revision is going to be provided on the condition that the initial necessities aren’t met by the write. The new requirements won’t be thought of within the free revision policy.

The personal data as provided by you may ne’er be used and that they will keep confidential. However, Acme assignment facilitates reserves the right to disclose your personal information as needed by law and once believe that the revelation is necessary.

If you think that the assignment submitted by you is no longer necessary for you, then Acme Assignment Assistance reserves the right to make a refund by deducting a fee of 20% from the amount charged for that assignment. This means that you will get 80% of the amount when you request assignment cancellations.

The refund policy of the Acme Assignment help is that you can claim the refund only up to 7 days after the full solution has been provided to you. However, you must give a genuine reason for such refunds. The company reserves the right to decide whether to issue a refund or not depends on the case.

1. Clarification of the terms
2. Order Placing and Registration
3. Order Payment
4. Discounts
5. Customers Personal Credit Balance
6. Order Process
1. Clarification of the terms

1.1 The terms of use apply.

1.2 Term-Company – Belongs to acmeessay.com, an organization that provides academic writing services to its clients.

1.3 Conditions-Customers-Customers are those who order us to respect and negotiate the terms of this Contract.

1.4 Communication System, which is a program that allows the exchange of information between clients, authors, or members of the support team.

1.5 represents a consumer demand for a product that has a written usage and a predetermined set of resources to use.

1.6 Goods are the result of revised orders drawn up in digital document format per requirements and delivered to customers.

1.7 A product review is a request by a customer to make changes to a product under the requirements of the purchase order.

1.8 Support the employees who are in the construction department of the company to ensure that orders are modified and fulfilled.

1.9 The author is an independent employee of the company who provides research and writing services to clients as stipulated in the contract with the company.

1.10 – Personal loan – refers to the customer account we hold with us, processes the customer’s debts, deposits a balance at our sole discretion, and terminates the order freely.

1.11 The term “Affiliate Program” means a special program for our existing customers.

2. Order Placing and Registration

2.1 The client can book order by filling out a booking form on the acme: website, or by filling out a request form using the support service.

2.2 The order form indicates the work area, order data, and delivery time. The customer must provide clear, concise, and complete information about the order or assist the personal representative in confirming the order.

2.3 To register, the user must enter his name, address, number, e-mail address, and telephone.

2.4 The customer must maintain a profile when making all orders in the company. The buyer must contact the company through the profile and process it. Customers are prohibited from using various personal account data. If a customer has used multiple accounts, the company reserves the right to combine them to update the customer’s purchase date.

3. Order Payment

3.1 Company prices are used to regulate the total amount to be paid for the work. Once the payment is made and the company is approved, the order is processed.

3.2 Subject to these conditions, payment is permitted: – The cost of the order must be $ 500 and above. Payment can be divided into parts. The first stage of payment must be performed immediately after the customer receives the first payment link – the delivery schedule from the server is closely related to the payment schedule, ie. the buyer receives the part of the product covered by the payment. To complete the documents, the customer must pay for the order in full.

3.3 Orders can be paid by credit card, personal credit, and bank transfer – this can take 3-14 business days.

3.4 If the transaction does not take place, it is recommended to check the balance on the card, the limits of online purchases, and the validity of the card before seeking help from the customer. Help.

4. Discounts

4.1 Company policy gives every customer access to fair discounts through advertising and loyalty programs.

2.2 For orders over € 25, you can use a discount code.

4.3 Placing the code in the order form in the “Discount code” field is the only way to use the discount.

4.4 “First Discount” is only available for one-time buyers.

4.5 This discount may not be used in conjunction with other offers and may only be used once.

5. Customers Personal Credit Balance

5.1 Payment method for local customers – the balance of personal credit is generated by depositing money into the user’s personal account on the site for future purchases.

5.2 The loan is $ 1.

5.3. With the consent of the Client, the funds may be transferred to the loan balance. Funds as part of this transfer process are non-refundable and will only be available for future purchases.

6. Order Process

6.1 Order Confirmation Upon payment, the Company reserves the right to review the Order details to ensure that the instructions provided upon completion of the Confirmed Order Form match the personal instructions to the Customer provided OR not, through a channel of communication, a customer service representative will contact the customer to clarify and resolve any inconsistencies.

6.2 Orders, order quantity is measured only according to company standards: the 1-page area is 275 words and 1 page is 550 words.

6.3 Modification data of instructions for changing customer personnel may be obtained from the support service. Changes due to the ease or complexity of the order may require additional payments, which will be made at the client’s consultation.

6.4 Customer resources are solely responsible for providing resources to fulfill orders. If the author needs a resource, the customer is in debt. Users must download all resources before assigning authors to ensure timely delivery. Delays in purchasing resources can cause delays in completing tasks.

6.5 Communication Communication between the Author and the client is governed by a messaging system available on the user’s personal profile at the top right of the page for a specific order. The messaging system supports all aspects of email, simply because the user is more secure. Work between customers and support agents is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via internet chat, email, or phone.

6.6 Track progress The customer can follow the ordering process on the order page in his personal account. You can inquire about order development through the provided communication channel.

6.7 Delivery of order. Timely delivery of products is the sole responsibility of the company. Contact customer support if extra time is required due to the difficulty of their work. The timely loading of products is entirely up to the customer.

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Thivi, Malaysia

“Very helpful and professionally work…
Very helpful and professional work done by the teams.” 😊

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“Easy to work with
Easy to work with. Attentive and quality is good.”

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روابي الجهوري, Oman

You were excellent in handling and the work was wonderful.”

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Amani Al Halhali, Oman

“The work was great and easy to handle
The work was great and easy to handle. They also send the work on time.”

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“I’m very pleased
I’m very pleased! They helped with my task and they have great service! I recommend them.”

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“Wonderful job ..u guys did well am happy .. Honesty would highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues…
Wonderful job is very happy with the results. I would highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues.

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Mona, United Kingdom

“Dealt with my query really fast and got the work done on time. The work done was great and was delivered to me almost on time. Will use them again.”

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NorTka, Australia

“very friendly and get the work done so quickly. appreciate their hard work. highly recommended to anyone.”

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Noor, Australia

“Great job
Great job, honest and on time…. highly recommended.” 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Muhammad bin Syria

Muhmmad bin Syria, Oman

“Your service is very good and fast.” 😇

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Ahdassarham, Malaysia

“Your service is amazing. I got 2nd highest grades in class.” 👍

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Kamal Haidr, Kuwait

Amazing and Greetings

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Gautam Saini, New Zealand

The service is good
The service is good, very helpful, and provides great work.

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Khushvir Singh, New Zealand

All their management is very cooperative and honest. I appreciate their work. Highly recommend.

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William Nary, Australia

“I really appreciate the Acme Assignment Help team who provide quality assignments with timely delivery. The whole team is good-natured and honest, Thanks acme.” ❤

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“I am very grateful for your service which gave me the job on time and gave me the perfect job.” ❤👍

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