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Money Back Guarantee

Unconditional promise permits the Customer to demand remuneration in cases that are clarified underneath. For those Customers’ demands that don’t fit into any classification, they can contact the Support Team to clarify the idea of the ask for and anticipate further consultation.

Order Cancellation:
Late Delivery
Bad Quality Claims:
Order Details/Preferences:
Refund Processing
Order Cancellation:

If the user decides to cancel the order, the following rules apply: Without a specified author, the customer is entitled to 100% payment if the user cancels the order.

After the author is appointed, the payout becomes 70%. The rest of the money will be sent to the authors and the company for their efforts to process the order.

If the author orders and half the time is up, the client has 50% right. * The copyright company reserves the right and prohibits customers to use the product or sketch provided before canceling the order.

Late Delivery

If the product delivery date is delayed, the customer is entitled to receive another delivery date. The calculation of this benefit is dependent on the initial deadline and the current situation affected by the delay.

Long-term orders pay 7% for 14 days or more.

The next payment delay is postponed.

Lack of time due to technical malfunction of ISP, scanner, or another system.

Delays are a result of customer behavior and can range from delays in providing the necessary information sources to delays in billing.

You do not voluntarily extend the last day of your order for any other price.

Bad Quality Claims:

If a customer wants to pay for an unsatisfactory product, this will be investigated by the quality insurance team. Customers need to provide detailed feedback that differs from their order and product requirements. The solution is influenced by the findings.

Note: In this case, the payout will not exceed 70% unless a strong request is made and the procedure is changed. Reviews include product reviews, changes, and optimization processes that cannot be performed without user input. Inadequate estimates for the reasons for payment are wrong because the company prepared the paper for informational purposes only and not for presentation purposes. If you claim the document is irrelevant, you’ll need a report. Additional information will not be accepted for quality assurance review. If a correction is requested due to compensation, fraud, or change of format, vague claims will not be considered if they exist in context. Editing, editing, and formatting services are not based on the actual context.

Order Details/Preferences:

1. Discounts on any purchase order are non-refundable and cannot be separated from the original product or service. Project exceptions, one-page summary, and prodigy report features are only possible if these services are not available to the product user.
For example. Users are free to choose the authors they want. This happens when the customer identifies the Creator ID in the Option ID field selected on the order form. However, in doing so, users acknowledge that the author’s existence is not 100% guaranteed.

2. In this case, the Company reserves the right to designate the best authors in the order field according to the priority level of the author’s work. The price of your favorite author can only be included in the customer’s credit balance and cannot be refunded.

3. In no case will invalid deductions be used. All customer details, including verifying the correctness of the reduction field on the order disk, are the sole responsibility of the user. Users can contact customer service to track issues related to the availability of discounts.


Customers must contact customer service within two months of finalizing the payment order. The billing manager will review the review within 5 days and contact you by phone or email with the solution. Members reserve the right to request additional information to properly process complaints.

Refund Processing

If you confirm the refund, the company will refund you within 5 days of approval. The Company is not responsible for delays due to wire transfer, remittance, or banking service issues. Processing fees for transactions less than $ 10 cannot be processed because they do not match the transaction fees of the business and customer bank. In this case, the user’s credit balance will be refunded to pay for future orders.

Customer Feedback

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Thivi, Malaysia

“Very helpful and professionally work…
Very helpful and professional work done by the teams.” 😊

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Kev Bro, Malaysia

“Easy to work with
Easy to work with. Attentive and quality is good.”

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روابي الجهوري, Oman

You were excellent in handling and the work was wonderful.”

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Amani Al Halhali, Oman

“The work was great and easy to handle
The work was great and easy to handle. They also send the work on time.”

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Sara So, Sweden

“I’m very pleased
I’m very pleased! They helped with my task and they have great service! I recommend them.”

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Divine Favor, Australia

“Wonderful job ..u guys did well am happy .. Honesty would highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues…
Wonderful job is very happy with the results. I would highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues.

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Mona, United Kingdom

“Dealt with my query really fast and got the work done on time. The work done was great and was delivered to me almost on time. Will use them again.”

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NorTka, Australia

“very friendly and get the work done so quickly. appreciate their hard work. highly recommended to anyone.”

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Noor, Australia

“Great job
Great job, honest and on time…. highly recommended.” 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Muhammad bin Syria

Muhmmad bin Syria, Oman

“Your service is very good and fast.” 😇

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Ahdassarham, Malaysia

“Your service is amazing. I got 2nd highest grades in class.” 👍

Kamal Haaidr

Kamal Haidr, Kuwait

Amazing and Greetings

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Gautam Saini, New Zealand

The service is good
The service is good, very helpful, and provides great work.

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Khushvir Singh, New Zealand

All their management is very cooperative and honest. I appreciate their work. Highly recommend.

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William Nary, Australia

“I really appreciate the Acme Assignment Help team who provide quality assignments with timely delivery. The whole team is good-natured and honest, Thanks acme.” ❤

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Asyan, Itlay

“I am very grateful for your service which gave me the job on time and gave me the perfect job.” ❤👍